Mitsubishi Paper/Ink Ribbon Set CK-D868

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Mitsubishi CK-D868

One box CK-D868 contains

ink ribbon and photo paper

for 860 prints 4x6

or for 430 prints 6X8

or for 286 prints 6X14*

or for 215 prints 6X20*

Print size

 4 inch x 6 inch (10 cm x 15 cm)

and 6 inch x 8 inch (15 cm x 20 cm)

and 6 inch x 14 inch (15 cm x 36 cm)*

and 6 inch x 20 inch (15 cm x 51 cm)*

For Mitsubishi Photo Printer


Content: 2 rolls of photo paper and 2 ink ribbons

*Feature: Printing of panorama photos with printer

CP-D90DW-P size 6X14 and 6X20

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Electric


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